Project on Beneficiaries Experiences With Social Protection Programmes for Poverty Reduction in Ghana. See poverty in reality and what is being done to reduce it.

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LEAP Enrollment for Households in South Suchi District

The Minister explained LEAP payment structure to the beneficiaries in South Suchi. Households that have orphans, persons with severe disability or elderly aged more than 64 years with limited productivity can qualify for the payment.

LEAP is a government social protection policy targeted at empowering the poor and vulnerable in our society. #LEAP_Ghana #ChangingLives

To LEAP Out of Poverty – Impacts of Social Protection in Ghana

The video shows the results and impacts the Livelihood Empowerment Against Poverty (LEAP) programme is having in Ghana. LEAP is a cash transfer programme for the poorest families in Ghana to reduce poverty and enhance long term human development.

LEAP is managed by Ghana’s Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection. The University of North Carolina and the Institute for Statistical, Social and Economic Research at the University of Ghana carried out the impact evaluation, in conjunction with UNICEF and FAO’s PtoP team.

Rose Appiah is grateful to the government of Ghana for making her a LEAP beneficiary.

Rose Appiah is visually impaired. Not only is she unemployed but takes care of her late sister’s children. Before Rose was enrolled on the LEAP Programme, she had difficulty making ends meet.

As soon as she was enrolled and started benefiting from the Programme, she began a charcoal business. Rose’s financial status has improved now and she can take good care of her family. She is grateful to the government of Ghana for making her a LEAP beneficiary.